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Tired of cooking blind?

Enough of guessing in the kitchen?

Sick of following recipes that don’t work for you and your family?

Would it be great to be able to cook anything you want from what you have on hand, days in, days out?

Digital Cooking Classes

Well, I get it. Not too long ago I was in my kitchen trying to follow someone else’s recipe and it just didn’t taste like what my family liked or was used to.

To top this off we were blessed with food allergies, picky eaters, baby weight to lose and a hungry Paleolithic meat eater husband! I had to learn the HOWs not the what, and fast.

By learning the basic cooking methods I was able to cook with consistency, I wasn’t guessing how it would turned out and our whole family got a whole lot healthier in the process and everyone got what they needed!

Sticking with real food can be challenging and time consuming if you don’t know the basics.

There is a few skills you really need to master in the beginning and after that,  you’re really playing with your own creativity.

Click Here to Find What Skills You Need to Know to Make Dinner Easier Every Night!

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Yes! When you know the Basics of Cooking, the cooking world opens up to you! You start to see recipe books like inspirations or ideas, and not something you have to go by, because you know how to repeatedly apply the correct basic method.

The idea is to learn to duplicate the basic methods while being able to change the ingredients.


“Becoming a Certified Personal Fitness Chef changed my life.  Now I can help you do the same for you and your family.”

After discovering the mystery (misery!) of cooking, I was able to focus and cook with what I COULD eat, and things started to fall into places, I lost weight, I had more energy, and didn’t feel deprived to cook at home anymore, because it actually tasted better than the restaurant, I had fun doing it!  It was less expensive, plus, I knew in advance how my dish was going to turn out!  I knew exactly what was in my plate! I had control over my food choices. I felt empowered, you know, like a Supermom who could whip up a great dinner every night!

I was able to stick to eating healthy foods, because it wasn’t a chore for me to prepare, plan and cook delicious and healthy meals. It actually became fun, fast and easy. With just using my knife skills, I would often have several salad ideas made from the same 4 vegetables. I would create dressings from scratch in seconds with what I had on hand that day.  The world of endless possibilities really knocked at my door! I new that I would never be bored again eating the same thing over and over.

Why recipes are not the answer!

Recipes are like road maps. They show you which roads you can take to get a certain destination. But the maps don’t show you how to drive your car! Recipes are a measurement of foods that works good together, they are ideas and creations from someone else head, suggestions, but they don’t tell you the proper way to sauté, in a recipe book you might read; sauté the mushroom for 5 minutes. It doesn’t tell you what to look for and understand when your mushrooms are done. So, if you are not sure why the end result doesn’t always turn out the way it looks in your recipe book, maybe your just missing a few important techniques. You need to be able to cook with your head and eyes, not with times.

It’s your turn to be the kitchen hero!

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to put delicious and nutritious meals on the table every day of the week using real food you have on hand. It can actually be fun and relaxing and be something you actually look forward to!
Learning to cook healthy meals without the frustration is important for you and your family because…
…You know the quality of the food that’s in your plate
…Cooking is good for your mind
…Your life depends on it every day
…You choose to stay healthy
…Your best memories are often created around the kitchen
…You know it’s too priceless to outsource
…Smelling what’s cooking can warm your heart
…Some simple pleasure of life is about laughing and sharing a moment around the table
…You get to eat what you create!

Digital Cooking Classes

“…having these new skills boosted up my confidence in the kitchen and I now have tons of new ideas to create new meals with different flavors fast and easy!”
-Robert M

As a Certified Personal Fitness Chef and Graduate of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, I truly believes that cooking with whole food is one of the keys to optimal health and well-being.
Feeding a whole family with different diet restrictions can be a real challenge for busy moms and dads. My reason to embark on that journey to learn how to cook by learning the basic cooking methods and so I can feed my family with fun and delicious real food, full of vitamins and minerals that keeps us all healthier.

I love sharing my passion with people about how to prepare, eat and love real food. Emphasizing on food that is FREE of; chemicals, pesticides, GMO, processed and refined, based on the principals of evolutionary nutrition. Incorporating a diversity and variety of food is also an important key, eating the food that would normally grow in your climate is better, eating in season has obviously more nutrients, tastes better and makes you feel alive. Even putting some love into the food you prepare can make a huge the difference in the taste of your dish! My kids always say:”Yummmmm, you put a lot of love in that supper mom, it’s sooo good!”

“It’s about creating a stress-free environment around dinner time, keeping it simple and clean, and to tune in to listen to your body and most of all to enjoy life!”

With common sense, organization and much fun in the kitchen for the past 7 years, I hope to continue to inspire you to cook more with real food, enabling you to substitute on the fly, give you confidence, nourish your body, save you time, money, and most of all making you the Kitchen Hero by sharing my passion through Digital Cooking Classes!

To Your Cooking Success!

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